Questions About Products? 


·        I am a Vegan. Which products can I use?  


Smith’s Rosebud Salve, Minted Rose Lip Balm, Rose Mandarin Lip Balm, and Menthol Eucalyptus Balm are free of animal-sourced ingredients. (Some of our products, Strawberry Lip Balm, Mocha Rose Lip Balm, Brambleberry Rose Lip Balm and Tropical Ambrosia Balm may contain lanolin, honey, beeswax and carmine.)  


Please feel free to call or email us with questions and or concerns 1-301-845-8788 or info@rosebudperfume.com   



·        I am gluten-restricted. What products are appropriate for my use?  


You may use all Rosebud Products, but if you have a known allergy to gluten, you should always consult with your physician first before using any product for further assurance of safety.  



·        How long will Rosebud Perfume Company, Inc. products last, and how do I determine the expiration date of a particular product?  


The products are good for 30 months “after opening”. Please make every effort to store products out of extreme temperatures and direct sunlight, if possible! Our lip balms may melt under these circumstances making them difficult to open. The batch code is on the tin or tube and stands for the date the product was filled, i.e. (LOT YYMMDDA/LOT 170424A, which stands for April 24, 2017 Batch A)  


·        Do you test on animals?  

No, we never have allowed animal testing in over 100 years, and it is prohibited for any other Company or Country to test on animals on our behalf.  


·        What do I do if I have a possible allergy to one of the Rosebud Perfume products?

If your experience involves a potential allergic reaction to one of our products, please speak directly to a representative at 1-301-845-8788 or email us at info@rosebudperfume.com 


·        What do I do to remove lip balm stain or grease from my personal belongings?

Remove as much of the balm as possible/ soak in the hottest water recommended for the fabric/ directly apply stain remover or color booster and rub gently for 5 to 10 minutes/ wash with detergent & add stain remover or color booster to colored fabrics/ check to see if the stain is gone, if not treat once again before drying/ pre-treating solutions should not be allowed to dry on the fabric.


·        I don’t see my question here. Who can I call?

1-301-845-8788 or info@rosebudperfume.com


Thank you so much for thinking of Rosebud Perfume Company, Inc. products!